Sam360 can gather inventory information in 5 ways

  1. Remote Scan (Agent Free)
    The Sam360 Management Point is a Windows Service that scans Windows devices on the client’s network. It can remotely scan hardware and software information from

    • All devices in Active Directory
    • All devices in an Active Directory OU
    • All devices in a particular IP range
    • All devices in a list of device names

    One or more Management Points can be deployed to target different domains, networks, physical or logical locations. However, only a single Management Point is necessary as long as it can access all target devices WMI or Remote Registry services (Ports 135 and 139)

    The Management Point can be also configured to integrate with various systems such as VMware, XenServer, HyperV, Citrix, Exchange, SharePoint etc to gather licensing relevant information. If required, the Management Point can be used to deploy the Sam360 agent or uninstall unused software remotely.

  2. Local Scan (Agent Based)
    The Sam360 Agent can be installed on a Microsoft Windows® device to

    • Gather software & hardware inventory information
    • Meter software usage

    Agent based inventory collection has a number of advantages over remote scanning. It allows information to be collected from devices never or rarely on the client’s network such as laptops, tablets, DMZ based servers etc. It also enables detailed software metering which can not be achieved through remote scanning. The Sam360 agent is a low footprint win32 application. It has no dependency on the .NET Framework. The agent installer is

    • A standard Windows Installation package (MSI)
    • 2 MB in size
    • Can be installed by the Management Point, Group Policy, any standard software deployment product or zero configuration manual installation.

  4. Web Scan
    Sam360 includes a zero install, zero configuration win32 Scan Tool to target devices that are ‘Off Network’, blocked by firewall, have non-standard or unknown Administrator credentials or are otherwise uncontactable. A customised web scan tool is automatically created for each client and is available from the Sam360 portal. The web scan tool can be distributed by

    • URI
    • Email
    • Logon Script
    • Network File Share
    • USB Drive etc

    Once the users executes the scan tool, it scans the local machine for software and hardware inventory, uploads the data to the Sam360 servers over HTTPS and then exits. No other user intervention is required.

  5. Data Import

    Inventory information can be imported directly from Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and other 3rd party inventory & systems management tools.

  6. Manual Entry
    For devices that can not be scanned, inventory details can be manually entered through the Sam360 website.